Retirement planning can be an overwhelming process.  There are dozens of decisions to make—some irrevocable.  Knowing the right questions to ask is as important as finding the right answer.  A highly experienced financial advisor like Peggy L. Farnworth can help.

What should I be thinking about for retirement?

Social Security: When do I start social security benefits? How do I maximize my life time benefits?

Savings: Will I outlive my money? What is the best distribution strategy so I don’t run out?

Pension Plan: Do I have one? Should I take a lump sum? Or is an annuity payment better and which one?reitrement

Healthcare: How do I navigate the changing world of healthcare? When should I start Medicare?

Home: Where should I live? Should I stay in my current home or downsize? Should I move to a retirement community? Or should I live abroad?

Life: How do I want to spend my time? Should I work part-time? Travel? Golf? Volunteer? Is my spouse’s idea of retirement similar to mine?

Final Stages: How do I want to finish my retirement years? What are my plans for aging and final expenses? What if I need assisted living or a caregiver?


Peggy L. Farnworth CPA, CFP, CSA is prepared to assist you in making the right decisions as you plan for retirement and when you transition into your retirement years. Call for a private complimentary consultation at 208-343-7777.

With Peggy Farnworth as your Financial Advisor, your retirement will truly be your golden years.

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